Army Preparation Program

The Need

In previous years there has been a change in young people’s motivation and desire to enlist in the Israeli Defense Force. The percentage of youth enlistment has been declining as time goes on and currently only 67% of youth enlist. This program has been designed to increase the motivation of young people who are 17 and 18 years old to serve their country. Studies have shown that a meaningful service in the IDF is a significant means to achieving social mobility and ensuring the future success of disadvantaged young people from the social and geographic periphery in Israel.

Program Goals

  • Expose our young people to their options for army service
  • To educate them about various pre-army programming
  • To increase their motivation to experience a meaningful army service and contribute to Israel’s continuity as a way of providing them with the tools to become responsible and moral adults
  • To instill Zionist, Jewish, and social values.
  • To foster leadership by acquiring necessary tools and skills to be a strong leader.

Target Population

llth and 12th grade students from Israel’s social and geographic periphery

Program Components

  • Weekly group activities during school hours
  • Weekly staff meetings about every student to discuss how best to counsel and guide them
  • Activities on both regional and national levels including leadership seminars, activities promoting teamwork, & army preparation
  • Development of social responsibility and group volunteer work
  • Professional and talented staff composed of: a group coordinator, personal mentors who support and guide the participants on an individual level, and the training staff for the challenging and experiential army preparation workshops


A study that was conducted in 2013 amongst the participants of the ‘Serving our People’ program found that 85% of the alumnae stated that they will continue to additional army preparation programs as compared to a 27% positive response rate before commencing the program.