• Founded in 1991, Yedidim for Youth and Society is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose sole mission is working towards the betterment of Israeli society with the goal that all Israeli youth, regardless of their cultural and socio-economic background, have the opportunity to realize their full potential. Yedidim touches the lives of 3,500 children, teens, and young adults each year throughout 120 communities across Israel and works in the realms of life skills & employability training, prevention and intervention of risk behaviors such as school dropout, delinquency and other self-destructive behaviors. Over 1,700 student volunteers act as mentors to children and youth in need every year across all of Yedidim’s programs.

    Yedidim exists to empower children, youth, and young adults from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds by helping them to fully integrate into Israeli society. Yedidim systematically fosters in marginalized youth a sense of self-worth, belonging, and self-confidence, thereby providing the at-risk population of Israel the tools it needs to flourish.

The Vision

  • - Building a society in which every child has the opportunity to realize their potential.
    - Developing culturally sensitive social leadership which promotes responsible partnerships that work together to assist vulnerable populations.
    - Demonstrating respect for every person and their culture; acting reliably and with integrity.
    - Building an organization-wide model that promotes professional volunteerism